Wenonah Kingfisher, Kevlar Ultra-Light
Wenonah Kingfisher, Kevlar Ultra-Light

Kingfisher, Kevlar Ultra-Light

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If your sporting plans call for a lot of gear, tackle, decoys, and a dog, the Kingfisher is your canoe. It's a great boat for catching sharks and snook in the no motor zones of the everglades or just taking the kids fishing for blue gills at the lake. This recreational hull extremely stable and very comfortable for larger paddlers. You can easily get in and out with your waders on and there's no need to worry about stability when shooting out of this canoe. It's two feet longer than the Fisherman and has more capacity, but at 16 feet it's still easy to maneuver.

Length: 16'
Gunwale Width: 38"

Maximum Width: 40"

Waterline Width: 38"
Weight: 39 lbs.

Material: Kevlar with Ultralight Core

Gail Peterson 01-11-2019 19:16

For several years, I have used my 16 foot, ultralight Kevlar Wenonah Kingfisher on a nearly daily basis. (I live on a lake in Arkansas). Being in my 60's, I have extensive experience canoeing various types of water and canoes. The Kingfisher provides a stable platform for fly-fishing, holds enough gear for a weeklong canoe camping trip and with minor modification is an outstanding solo as well as tandem canoe.

I paddle Canadian style. Added a center seat using Wenonah seat brackets. Kneeling, the Kingfisher will lean to the gunwales allowing for freestyle strokes. It is responsive and stable. Even in the wind, quartering the bow and kneeling makes it very competent. It isn't a fast canoe, but I don't have the need to race. I find Kingfisher is my favorite and the canoe I use most.

Canoe camping is made much more enjoyable with this canoe. Lots of room for gear, and easily portaged.

Due to an unexpected flash flood in June of 2019 on the Buffalo River (Arkansas) it literally saved my life when, paddling solo, I was forced to paddle 22 miles to get off the river. After six hours of fairly calm water, I suddenly encountered Class three haystacks and class four rapids. A few easily repairable scrapes was the only damage. I wouldn't recommend actually using a Kingfisher for such encounters, but I never dumped unlike many others and felt in control of my fate. The Kingfisher is a versatile canoe. From the saltwater flats of Florida to the lakes and rivers of Arkansas, I trust it to be a predictable companion for paddling adventures.

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